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About Us

Sharp Pets is an online retailer selling NZ Made Addiction pet food. Sharp Pets is locally owned and operated by Dan and Kimberly in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty.

New Zealand Pet Owners are fast discovering that some of the World's Best Pet Food is made right here in New Zealand.

Addiction Pet Food's range of Premium Grain Free Dry Kibble, Dehydrated Raw Food and Treats for Dogs and Cats uses high quality sources of Free Range meat and fish proteins and along with top class manufacturing processes ensures your pet has the best of good health and happiness. Addiction Pet Food has been exported since 2002 and we are proud to be able to offer this product range to New Zealand pets. 

Traditionally quality New Zealand made pet food has demanded a high price tag but Addiction Pet Food sells at a price that New Zealander's can afford. And the low carbon footprint (no overseas shipping here) enables us to not only offer a product that is lower in price but also much fresher than most of the imported brands.

Now is the time for Kiwi pets to crave good wholesome Addiction dog food and Addiction cat food.

We know how important your pets are and that's why we believe in feeding them high quality food for a happy and healthy lifestyle.